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Good planning, and well a executed delivery is everything!

Shared Services


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Attentive provides consulting and advisory capability that helps our customers manage change, work smarter, and deliver real benefits for their customers and communities. Attentive consultants have been handpicked and trained to create a portfolio of services to government, education, and the commercial sector at all levels. We believe that our approach to quality and practice makes an honest difference to all of our customers.

Reduced costs!

We offer a range of costing and payment models for our clients, but you would expect that! What you might not expect is the way we can save you money by lowering the cost of onsite consulting significantly compared our competitors. We do this in a number of specialised ways, in addition we don't charge any extra for expenses accumulated!

Manage risk!

All our consultants are fully qualified project management practitioners with a long list of completed and well delivered projects. Running the gamut of project procedures including management of risks and issues is part of every day life for all shapes and sizes of project. This is standard practice for us on all our engagements regardless of value.

Achieve outcomes!

All our delivery and engagement models are based on a rigorous process that ensures one thing: Positive outcomes! Any consulting firm worth their 'salt' can only survive on the basis of good, well managed outcomes for out clients. We have experience in all sizes of organisations from a handful of employees up to many thousands at doing just that.

Connect now!

Attentive consulting prides itself on being able to connect to customers how ever remote, we deploy a full range of connection methods, from traditionally trusted on-site consulting through to teleconferencing and video conferencing. This enables us to keep consulting costs to a minimum and also provide earlier assistance for all problems.